Seamless Customer Journeys Through Single Sign On

Single Sign On

Centralized Identity and Access Management

Seamless Customer Journeys Through Single Sign On (SSO)

Centralized Identity and Access (IAM) Management becomes the foundation of digital business.

Remembering passwords is a hassle. A single secured login for multiple web sites is the solution. With more and more online functionalities your customers and employees have to log into many different web sites. Instead of looking up password wallets for each login or - even worse - let browsers store passwords you can now offer a safe and secured way of corporate wide Identity and Access Management through Single Sign On.


Single Sign On is mission critical in digital corporate ecosystems

Delivering relevant content and using personalization features is a core component of successful web sites, whether it is a company's homepage or a billion dollar ecommerce site. Single Sign On (SSO) provides a seamless customer journey to those applications.

With the demanding needs of equally employees and customers, any product focused manufacturer and dealer need to gain a more customer centric view and has to add services on top of their products. Employees use internal web based tools and visitors have to register or login to use the full advantage of the offered services. This way companies build their own digital corporate ecosystems using modern architectures to connect systems and data streams to each other. But highly specialized functionalities should be a seamless part of the customer journey on the user interface level as well to get the best user experience. 

This is where our SSO solution joins the game. SSO eliminates the need of numerous passwords orchestration without deteriorating security. SSO
occurs when a user logs in to one of the client applications and is then signed in to other client applications automatically, regardless of the platform, technology, or domain used, without compromising the security aspects. A good example is Google's login implementation for their product ecosystem such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Analytics and other. Now you get this in your own digital corporate ecosystem.


For the Marketeer - Positive Customer Experience

Features are added frequently to web sites to stay attractive for customers, increase their brand loyalty and convert them easier during their customer journey. Single Sign On prevents one of the biggest pitfalls in usability and customer experience.

For the Technician - RESTful SSO Service

Different functionalities are split into independent, but loosely coupled web applications interoperating via web services such as REST. Simple examples are a job applicant tool or a complaint management tool, which most likely are already invented by a third party solution. Such tools and functionalities should be seamlessly integrated as well for customers as for employees administrating these tools. This is where Single Sign On (SSO) is crucial. SSO assures that a user who has to log in for feature A does not have to log in again for a technically completely independent feature B. Our dedicated SSO service provider externalizes the authentication process, identifies and authenticates a user by his/her credentials and hands over security tokens during the user session to all applications listed under the same SSO realm.

Single Sign On for Bloomreach DXP

Our Single Sign On Service provides complete Identity and Access Management for the Bloomreach DXP applications and attached services. This way it not only facilitates the work of admin and editor user groups by using SSO, but connects any individual or third party web application to the same security domain and avoids annoying logins with each additional service.

Sophisticated technology

Single Sign On has just two basic requirements: Working properly and being absolutely secure. Our Single Sign On solution is based upon sophisticated technology using service oriented architecture. 
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